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If you are searching for mold removal near me in Phoenix our team can help! We offer mold inspections and mold removal for homes and commercial properties.

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Advanced Mold Removal & Remediation

Our teams are equipped with the latest equipment to find and remove mold from your property. We will find all of the mold, remove all of it, and help you get your home back in order. Whether it was just one room that was affected or a whole area our team knows the best process to efficiently restore your home.

With decades of mold removal experience, our team knows how to check every nook and cranny to find mold and remove all of it. While there is always some mold in the air inside and outside our homes our team restores your home’s indoor air quality by removing mold that’s part of your property’s disaster.

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Mold grows quickly after water finds a way into your home or you have a plumbing problem. Call as soon as possible so we can help minimize the affect of water damage, mold, and cost of repairs. Don’t risk the air quality in your home by allowing water to stagnate and mold to develop, call now and our team will come to your property.

We will inspect the extent of the damage, take steps to help ensure your house stays safer, and offer the best mold removal and property restoration services in the Phoenix Valley. Trust our mold removal services and complete home restoration in your time of need when mold has popped up it’s ugly head.

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What Can I Expect?

Black mold is a specific strain of mold which is especially dangerous. Common names for it are toxic mold and black mold but the scientific name for it is stachybotris chartarum. All mold should be treated with caution to avoid illness and be inspected by professional a mold remediation company.

​From the first phone call to completing mold restoration repairs your safety and satisfaction are #1! We are available to take your call any time of day or night. Our team will provide an inspection, mitigation, mold removal, cleaning property and complete mold restoration.


Step 1: Call For 24/7 Emergency Response

Our team is ready for your call to help you through a stressful and potentially dangerous situation. Call for our mold inspection and removal services and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.


Step 2: Mold Inspection

We carefully inspect your home for mold using the latest technologies. Certain types of mold pose serious health risks and all molds will ruin building materials and reduce the value of your property if left to fester.


Step 3: Mold Mitigation

The first step after inspection is to prevent the mold from spreading further. Our team will halt mold in it’s tracks and contain the infestation. This prevents mold repairs from becoming more costly.


Step 4: Property Pack Out

When homes need extensive repairs it’s best to remove belongings from the property. This includes furniture, appliances, clothing, and other items that could be damaged by staying or slow the repair process.


Step 5: Water Damage & Electronics

Anything with a power cord is a serious safety risk after water damage. As part of our mold removal process all electronics are cleaned and inspected by professional electronics repair technicians. Do not attempt to power anything on that’s experienced water damage. This includes all of the computers, Tv’s, audio system, and televisions that were part of the affected areas.


Step 6: Air Quality

While mold spores naturally occur in all homes and outdoors an outbreak of mold developing in your home ruins your indoor air quality. We use powerful air filtration to help restore the quality of the air in your home to control allergens and other airborne containments.


Step 7: Mold Removal

Following the findings of the inspection mold is removed along with building materials that are covered in mold and cannot be saved. Air filtration continues during this step to help maintain the best air quality. Our teams focus on removing all affected areas to leave your home as clean as possible


Step 8: Sanitizing Property

The items that were in your home are carefully cleaned to remove as much of the mold spores and mold as possible. While mold is naturally occurring ever effort is made to ensure your home is as clean as humanly possible. This step also helps remove the moldy smell from your clothing, furniture, and other decorative property.


Step 9: Mold Restoration

How much work occurs depends on the level of damage. Simple items such as new carpet, drywall or a fresh coat of paint is all some homes need. In contrast serious damage may require larger construction projects in a room or rooms of your property.

Why Hire Acuity Builders For Mold Removal?

Mold impacts the safety of properties and needs to be handled by highly trained and experienced restoration companies. Acuity Builders is Phoenix’s leading restoration and mold removal company. For over 30 years we have been providing the valley’s homeowners and businesses the disaster restoration services they need.

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