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​Minor Kitchen Remodel Phoenix

The purpose of a minor remodel is to maintain the existing footprint of the kitchen while renewing its usability and overall ambiance. Budget-friendly fixes can still reward you with significant changes to the appearance. For example, adding new flooring, painting the walls and purchasing energy saving appliances as the customer is not usually selecting top grade products or materials. You can avoid the great expense of cabinetry by refacing existing cabinet surfaces or selecting cabinets from the entry-level ranges that are ready to install as they are mass produced.

Minor remodels typically include:

  • The update of appliances to new, energy efficient models.
  • The adding of cabinets from an entry level range of the refacing of existing cabinets.
  • Walls that are freshly painted.
  • New countertops, faucet and kitchen sink.
  • New flooring.

​Major Kitchen Remodel Phoenix

You can expect a larger overhaul of your kitchen when you choose to go for a major kitchen remodel. Appliances, flooring, and lighting are often replaced with updated versions and are often complemented by a high-end sink with matching faucets and accessories and cabinetry that is semi-customized with various door options and a versatile range of sizing options.

Major remodels typically include:

  • Lighting customized to your requirements.
  • Walls that are freshly painted.
  • Garbage disposal included with new appliances.
  • Spacious and deep sink with faucets to go along with your brand new countertops.
  • Brand new flooring
  • A 3 by 5-foot cooking island and cabinetry that is semi-customized.

​Upscale Kitchen Remodel Phoenix

Usually included in upscale remodels are luxury or specialty additions. These items, for example, top-notch appliances, built-in water filtration systems, and high-end countertops – all help a kitchen look first class in both appearance and usability. The footprint of the kitchen may also be changed in some upscale remodels.

Upscale remodels typically include:

  • An under-mounted sink with a water filtration system and designer faucets.
  • Countertops made from stone with glass or ceramic tile backsplash.
  • Technologically new and advanced appliances.
  • As well as general lighting, task lighting, for example, under cabinet lighting.
  • Upscale flooring perhaps designed to resemble hardwood and/or floor tile installation.
  • Walls that are freshly painted.
  • Cabinets that are custom made featuring customized interior accessories and built-in sliding shelves.
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