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Not all damage restoration companies are the same.

Our damage restoration company works closely with insurance companies on a day to day basis. We can generate estimates that insurance companies will look at, approve, and then help us start work on the damages which will expedite the process in allowing work to start on your claim. As a damage restoration contractor that deals with insurance claims on a regular basis, we are able to generate an accurate estimate using Xactimate, which is the only program that insurance companies acknowledge. In the case of some items being left out, we can generate supplements and make sure those items are also covered.

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We take pride in our ability to mitigate any damages that have been done to your property, commercial or residential, in a timely manner. Damages to your property by fire, water, or floods can be devastating and have the potential to escalate very quickly, because of this reason we make it a top priority to get you the help you need immediately. From the time we receive your phone call, we will waste no time in dispatching the appropriate crew to your home, to assess and start the restoration process.

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