Rely on Acuity Builders for Water Damage Restoration in Your Phoenix, AZ Home

Call Acuity Builders for the experienced restoration you need

Whether your water damage was caused by a plumbing leak or a heavy rainstorm, we know you just want your home back the way it was. When you contact Acuity Builders in Phoenix, you’ll get a quick assessment of your damages and an efficient restoration so you can go back to living comfortably in your home.

We purchase all the needed materials and supervise your repairs directly, thus saving you money on all our services. Don’t go somewhere else and end up with padded bills. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and estimate.

Our process

When you hire Acuity Builders to take on your water damage repairs and water damage restorations, we'll contract with our partner companies and send someone out to clean up the mess. We’ll extract the water from your Phoenix area home and then start work on your restoration.

When you choose Acuity, you’re getting a licensed, bonded, and insured company that can do it all. Don’t spend your time dealing with multiple contractors. Call us and we’ll:
  • Take the stress out of renovations by providing all the services you need
  • Save you money by cutting out the middleman
  • Restore your home to its original condition
  • Upgrade your home with our reliable contractor services

Avoid the hassle of restoring your home using multiple contractors. Hire Acuity Builders today and we’ll assist you with your renovation from start to finish.

Bring Your House Back From the Ashes


You need fast repairs you can trust after a fire has damaged your home. Acuity Builders only works with certified electricians, mechanics and plumbers who understand your urgent needs. Don’t wait on big, impersonal contracting firms in Phoenix, AZ to fit you into their schedule. Hire Acuity Builders and we’ll make you and your home our top priority. We’ll even help you with your claim and work with your insurance company.

Call us today at 480-430-9978 to schedule your in-home consultation.